Size Chart and styles

Joggers and Jogger shorts- Jogger are a more Comfy lose fit with Elastic waist band with cuffs and pockets 

Leggings with yoga band or Biker shorts- Yoga Waist band and more of a fitter style 

Leggings with cuffs- Elastic Waist band and cuffs for a fitter feel at the ankles 

Harlem Leggings- Elastic Waist Band with Cuffs. Harlems have more room for the butty and are our go to for boys. 

Cozy Shirt- Options short or long sleeves (loose fitting)

Shirt- Fits more like a T-shirt with or without a hood 

Baby Sleepers with hat (regular or Knotted) Ties into a knot at the bottom

Sweater Dress (cozy dress)-  Long sleeves with a band on the bottom. Ties in the back and has a key hole.


AlleyCat Romper- Short or long sleeves. Fitter top and loose baggy bottom. Has a scooped back. Has cuffs around the ankle.

Sweater Romper 

style: with or without elastic. Elastic is incased and will not touch the skin

For a boyish option- select without elastic 




Twirl Dress- Sleeveless, short or long sleeves 

Bummies- Option skirted, either short or long - shorter bummies underneath 

T-Shirt Romper- One piece- long pants or shorts- has cuffs at the bottom of the pants 

Harlem Romper

Overall Romper- Ties in the front into a knot- More fitter in the legs 


Hippy Romper



Bubble Romper 

T-Shirt Dress- Short sleeve. Flowy at the bottom 

Peplum- sleeveless or short sleeves 


Shorties- with or without pockets - Has sewn seam in the front and bands at the legs 


Cinch Dress- Elastic Waist is incased and won't touch the skin